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2016-03-29 | View a printable version of this story

A New Branding Evolution

Hollidaysburg, PA Stiffler McGraw, a full service consulting firm offeringStiffler McGraw New Logo civil
engineering, surveying and architectural design services, headquartered in Hollidaysburg, PA today launched a refresh of its corporate brand, unveiling a new logo. Stiffler McGraw’s new logo represents the Company’s three different divisions of Engineering, Surveying and Architecture, as well as, keeping the trademark names Stiffler McGraw by incorporating the resemblance of the letters S and M.

In conjunction with the new logo, you will start seeing the company’s whole image completely changing from print material to mass media. Stiffler McGraw wanted to maintain a vision for the diversity of services it holds, as well as, enhancing the current trend to a fresh new look. The identity showcases the company as a progressive, committed and diverse entity.

When designing the new logo, there wasn’t one symbol that could represent the company as a whole. With our new logo, we feel we have truly incorporated everything we wanted and more. We’re excited to embark on this journey of enhancing our Company brand, said President, Tim Cooper, P.E.

To better reflect the evolution of business and the different markets Stiffler McGraw serves, the Company feels it’s the best image to represent the firm and the commitment it holds to provide innovative solutions for their clientele.

About Stiffler McGraw
Stiffler McGraw is a full service consulting firm offering complete civil engineering, surveying and architectural design services. The firm designs innovative concepts for water, sewer, bridges, roads, buildings, building sites and any other type of infrastructure project. In addition, Stiffler McGraw offers planning, funding and construction management services. With their state of the art equipment and eye for intricate detail, Stiffler McGraw can ensure that each project is completed to the highest of standards.


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