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2015-11-25 | View a printable version of this story

Firm Holds Three Month SMArt Living Wellness Challenge

Hollidaysburg, PA – Stiffler McGraw a full service consulting firm offering civil engineering, surveying and architectural design services, recently implemented a three month wellness challenge that ran from September 2nd until November 24th.

The wellness program, called SMArt living, was developed to incorporate a healthier living style among all employees. The program was designed to have accountability, motivation and morale amongst the offices.

The challenge consisted of who lost the most body fat percentage as a team with the incorporation of three different weigh-ins. The first weigh-in was to calculate everyone’s beginning weight and body fat percentage to get a starting point. On October 14th there was a mid weigh-in, which was designed to keep everyone on track until the end, with an incentive in place to the team who was in the lead. The final weigh-in was held on November 24th to calculate the final the numbers.

Among 72 employees, the firm had a total of 24 employees signup for the challenge! Of the 24 employees, six teams of four were created to keep each person accountable during the challenge.

To keep the participants motivated and to stay on track throughout the duration of the competition, weekly e-mails were sent out on healthy eating habits and exercising tips.

The winning team was Team #2 who consisted of Tim Cooper, Scott McEldowney, Jeff Kneidinger and Dave Houser with a total of 11.9% body fat loss. They all received 8 hours of vacation for coming in first place. Team #3 who consisted of Cory Gehret, Kelly Boyles, Tim Campbell and Rodney Jenkins had a total of 10% body fat loss where they all received a $50 gift card and Team #1 who consisted of Courtney Seidel, Trisha Gerlach, Brian Endler and Jeff Spencer had a total of 8.9% body fat loss where they are each received a $25 gift card.

Due to the overwhelming success, Stiffler McGraw will be implementing another wellness challenge in January 2016.


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