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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide tools that are used to digitally store, manipulate, analyze, and display spatially referenced data sets of geographic features. These can be a variety of features such as county, municipal, or property boundaries or smaller figures like a stormwater inlet structure or a street sign. GIS’s allow the user to easily and effectively compile existing data, apply data updates, and realize spatial relationships of a specific theme or themes.

At Stiffler-McGraw, the goals of our GIS services are to:
• Capture spatial data and utilize existing data sets to provide our clients with an accurate representation of real-world locations.
• Manage our client’s data to provide up-to-date map graphics of their infrastructure relative to their community.
• Provide our clients the ability to easily visualize their data, allowing them to make informed decisions to improve their communities.

We Provide:
• MS4 Management
• Stormwater and Utility Mapping
• Data Management and Collection

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