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Sanitary Sewer Systems

system-evaluations2Stiffler McGraw has extensive experience in Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) studies for sanitary sewer systems. Our firm owns internal televising equipment, smoke testing equipment and flow meters. We use this equipment to thoroughly evaluate your sanitary sewer system to isolate areas where attention is needed. An I/I study is a structured approach to identify and quantify extraneous flow sources entering the system. The elimination of these flows can significantly reduce costs at your treatment facility because groundwater and storm water do not pass through the treatment process.

In addition to this, it is common for our technicians to perform an inventory of all manholes in the system to record their condition and location. If requested, the manholes can be located using GPS equipment to assist in future location or to be entered into an asset management program. Our firm has completed numerous sanitary sewer system I/I studies in rural and urban settings in commercial, residential and industrial districts throughout Pennsylvania.

Water Systems

system-evaluations1Perhaps your water system is pumping much more water than you are metering at your customer connections or you know you have a major leak in your system somewhere but it has not surfaced. This is when you should consider contacting Stiffler McGraw. Our firm owns listening equipment that can be used to evaluate your system for potential leaks, as well as a correlator that can be used to pinpoint
the location of an underground water leak.

Many water systems contact Stiffler McGraw to
perform an annual survey of their system for leaks.
We are on call to assist in locating or pinpointing leaks for our clients when needed. Many clients have found this to be very valuable to them because they do not have to purchase this expensive equipment and there is prompt service is available.

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