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water-supplyHaving a clean water supply is an extremely important part of everyday life. Since its inception, Stiffler McGraw has worked closely with many communities in an effort to provide their citizens with good quality drinking water. Our experienced project engineers, environmental scientists, electrical/control specialists and licensed water system operators will work tirelessly to help our clients maintain compliance with the ever-changing environmental regulations, as well as assisting clients in meeting the water supply and distribution needs of the community.

To accomplish these goals, our staff begins with evaluating the clients' existing water supply, treatment and distribution system components. In doing this, we can utilize our experience and expertise to develop plans to upgrade or construct new facilities. We can assist this approach through grantsmanship, design, permitting, bidding, construction administration and inspection services.

In order to better serve our clients and provide a more conclusive approach, we offer a wide variety of tools and techniques including the use of leak detection equipment, control system analysis, pilot testing of treatment technologies, as
well as system operator assistance.

We Provide:

  • Source Development
  • Treatment Facilities
  • Studies and Master Plans
  • Leak Detection
  • Operation and Maintenance Reviews
  • Rate Analysis
  • Distribution, Transmission and Storage Facilities
  • Regulatory Reporting Assistance
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