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Photo Jun 08, 9 36 56 AM There is nothing more symbolic and meaningful to your community than the buildings and structures that serve them. Whether it is a library, emergency services building, government center or public works facility, these buildings convey a sense of pride, stability, and safety to the public. We work diligently with our clients to determine the purpose for the project, and together will explore different design options until the best possible solution is found.

Typically budgets are tight, so there is always a balance between aesthetics and
practicality, but our goal is to deliver a project that incorporates the best mix of both. While this can be challenging at times, our main focus is developing cost effective, energy efficient buildings in an effort to minimize long term operating and maintenance costs.

We are experienced with many types of project delivery and procurement methods, different funding sources, as well as construction oversight that help make the entire building and construction process as smooth as possible.

We Design:

  • Public Safety Buildings
  • Public Works Buildings including Maintenance Garages
  • Emergency Operations Facilities
  • Court House Design
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Libraries
  • Museums
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