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s-educationWe believe that an innovative and thoughtful K-12 design is instrumental in shaping our children's academic experience. Research has proven that the physical environment of schools have a direct and measurable impact on student and teacher performance. Our goal is to design educational buildings that will enhance learning, and promote academic growth and excellence. The well-being and security of students and staff are always a top priority in the design process.

Our designs give great thought as to the visibility and separation of spaces throughout the building, while balancing the need for flexibility. Versatile spaces can help to support changes for academic and programming needs, enrollment increases, performances and athletic events, and non-academic community uses.

We also explore ways to maximize the use of natural daylighting while selecting the appropriate complementary building systems, in an effort to provide a healthy building environment.

We Provide:

  • Coordinating project requirements with the Department of Education requirements
  • Coordination with jurisdictional authorities for code approvals and permitting
  • Design to provide comfort, security, current technology and beauty with sustainability
  • Bidding of the project and construction management
  • Completion of project on time and on budget

Higher Education

When it comes to choosing the perfect location to embark on a college education or when deciding on an area to follow your dream career in higher education, it's vital for colleges and universities to distinguish themselves from other campuses to attract the brightest students, faculty, and researchers.

Through the design process, Stiffler McGraw will be able to create comfortable living and learning environments that will inspire students to excel, while providing the faculty innovative tools to help push the educational boundaries.

Our experience in campus master planning, as well as the design of sports facilities, student centers, libraries, residence halls, laboratories, and performing arts buildings, we can help take your campus to the next level.

We Provide:

  • Facility design incorporating security and technology for audio visual, data and furniture
  • Facility design that is sustainable
  • Facilities infrastructure for power, water and sewer
  • Development of facility needs analysis and building program
  • Establishing a project budget
  • Cost estimates throughout the design process
  • Energy analysis and maintenance costs
  • Bidding of the project and construction management
  • Completion of project on time and on budget
  • Coordination with jurisdictional authorities for code approvals
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