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Building Services

Stiffler McGraw has its own structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineers to design the facilities needed to make any building properly function. We can provide assistance with any heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, structural or electrical need your building may have. Project sizes range from residential dwellings to large industrial complexes. So there is no need to hire multiple engineering firms to complete your building project when you have all of these disciplines under one roof at Stiffler McGraw.

Stiffler McGraw has eliminated the need to use other companies for the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects by providing more in house services for our clients. Our team can now finish a client’s project quicker and within budget, while not being dependent on the schedule of other firms. We can offer a full range of mechanical design options for your projects, which include, but are not limited to, forced air systems, water source heat pumps, radiant floor heating, equipment selections, building energy analysis and material specifications.

We Provide:
• Load Calculation (Cooling and Heating)
• HVAC Duct, Diffuser, Grille Design & Layout
• Pipe Sizing & Layout
• HVAC Equipment Sizing, Selection & Layout (Such as AHU, RTU, ACCU, Water Cooled Condenser, Air Cooled Condenser, Cooling Tower, DX Chiller, Refrigerant Coil, Water Coil, Package Units, Pumps, Fans, Valves and other System Accessories and its layouts)
• Schedule for Equipment
• Cost Estimation

As a full-service consulting firm, Stiffler McGraw is able to help clients with their plumbing design needs, in addition to other project requirements. There is no need to use a specialized plumbing design company when Stiffler McGraw can complete that portion of the work in house. This can help save client’s time and money, which are typically among a client’s biggest concerns. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial help, we can offer a variety of plumbing design options for your projects. These options can include items such as potable and non-potable water designs, laboratory gas, wastewater and stormwater design, written equipment selections and material specifications.

We Provide:
• Domestic Water System
– Checking the need of booster pumps for domestic water system
– Selecting and locating fittings like backflow preventers, water hammer arrestor,
water pressure regulator, etc.
• Water System
– Determining if sump pumps or sewage ejector pumps are required
• Stormwater System
– Determining riser and horizontal run size from rain flow data
and applicable codes
– Placing roof drains, leaders, main stacks, floor drains, floor sinks, sprinkler risers,
funnel drains, fire standpipe risers, etc.
• Riser Diagrams
• Cost Estimation

In 2011, Stiffler McGraw added the expertise of electrical systems design for buildings that generate, distribute, and utilize electrical power. Our team wanted to provide the design services for civil and architectural projects, as well as to support our industrial and municipal clients for their power distribution and emergency power generation needs.

Our electrical engineering services include the required electrical, lighting, communications and life-safety systems for buildings; panel board schedules, site lighting, electrical line diagrams and written equipment selections and material specifications.

We Provide:
• Design of Lighting System
• Design of Power System
• Design of Power Distribution System
• Schedule for Equipment
• Drafting of Lighting, Power and Power Distribution System – Layouts of depicting different lighting fixtures, Egress and Emergency Lighting, Occupancy Sensors, Panel Schedule, etc.
• Riser Diagram
• Cost Estimation

The structural engineers at Stiffler McGraw will help to define what your project should look like, how the structure should be supported and exactly what purpose the supports will serve in the long run. We offer a complete range of structural design options including analysis and design of existing and new structures of steel, concrete, masonry, and wood framing members.
Our designs are based on choosing the most cost-efficient method of supporting buildings and other structures while adhering to the code requirements for adequately supporting the dead load of the building and its materials, occupancy live loads, snow and ice loads, wind loads, and seismic loads.
We also offer forensic engineering to determine causes of distress and failure of structures, and expertise in historical restoration. With our experience in structural design, we can help to transform your existing building or new construction to meet your needs.

Stiffler McGraw provides free preliminary consultations to see what will be involved in your project to help you decide what services you will need, including project feasibility. We can meet with you on site to help in developing the scope of your project and discuss the various options you can consider. Using this information you can make the decisions you need to proceed with your project. Our staff can assist you in every step of the way and will attempt to answer any questions you may have. So don’t be afraid to ask us.

We offer a broad range of cost estimation services from elementary costs per square foot to detailed divisional breakdowns. Following your preliminary consultation, our staff can help you with determining the expenses you can expect to see in completing the project, while exploring the costs of various options. Once you have selected the features you want to include in your project, we can assist you in putting together a budget for the project. If necessary, we can assist you in looking at alternatives that can be considered to lower the potential cost of the project to meet your financial needs.

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