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Nanty Glo Water Transmission Main Replacement Project

Location: Cambria County, PA

Project Cost: $4,000,000

Funding: 20 Year Pennvest Loan

Project Description
Leaks and breaks in the authority’s main line and several distribution lines, due to old age and deteriorating pipe composition were contributing to increased O&M costs and significant water losses within the system. Portions of the transmission mains located under the travel lane of a state highway avenue to road widening also prompted the need for relocation of the line. The need for an interconnection with a consecutive system was also present to provide for a secondary/emergency source. Improvements to the authority’s water storage facilities were needed to come into compliance with disinfection-by-products limits within the system.

Project Solution
Solution for the project includes replacement of 33,000 lineal feet of transmission main line, 4,000 lineal feet of distribution main line, a pressure reducing station, installation of new fire hydrants, water service line, and radio read water meters. The project also includes installation of an emergency water line interconnection and installation of a storage tank mixing/aeration system.

Project Results
Completion of the project will improve the quality of the water and the safety and reliability of the water service for the entire service area. The result will be a sustained positive economic impact. This project will facilitate and encourage future development in the area and ensure the long term adequacy and efficiency of the system.

Specialized Equipment and Services
A mobile vehicle transceiver unit was incorporated into the project to provide the authority with the capability to efficiently read meters by driving through routes and picking up usage data via radio signals.


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