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Corporate Campus Lots 6 & 18 Grading Project

Location: Indiana County, PA

Cost and Funding: $187,600 (2010) construction cost, part DCED-funded project by the Indiana County Development Corporation (ICDC).

Project Description: Improving the marketability of selected business park lots by using grant monies to fund a bulk-grading project to create two construction-ready building pads.

Project Solution: Lots 6 and 18, measuring 3.6- and 4.9-acres, respectively were selected by the ICDC for a grading project. A grading / construction plan was prepared to design building pad and future stormwater management areas. Environmental and erosion control permitting was performed. Specification and bid documents were compiled and supplied to ICDC for solicitation of bids. Bids were reviewed and tabulated and a contract award was recommended. Contract administration, periodic inspection, and coordination with a full-time geotechnical inspector were provided during construction. As-built record drawings were prepared. Concept drawings showing build-out options were developed for ICDC to use with potential buyers.

Project Results: The grading project yielded pad areas of 2.0 and 2.5 acres for lots 6 and 18, respectively. Before design and permitting was even completed, the ICDC reached an agreement for the sale of lot 18. Accordingly, grading on lot 18 was required to be completed first. As a result, the new owner was able to start building construction less than 2 months after the start of the grading project and occupy the new building four months thereafter.


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