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The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Bedford has undertaken the construction of various upgrades at the wastewater treatment plant to improve operations and comply with more stringent effluent nutrient regulations set forth by the Chesapeake Bay Tributary Strategy.

The total project cost for these improvements is $17.6 million with $12.6 million being provided via a PennVest Loan and the remaining $5 million being provided via a grant received through the H2O program.

The plant upgrades were necessary to ensure the continued efficient operation of the treatment facility and to comply with the Chesapeake Bay Tributary Nutrient Control Strategy. The Authority believes these improvements will facilitate efficient operation for current and future treatment requirements and will help to meet the proposed needs of the community in an environmentally responsible manner.

The improvements consist of the following:

  • Construction of a new headworks building containing a grit collection chamber and two new 6 mm fine screens.
  • Construction of four (4) sequencing batch reactor (SBR) tanks with decant systems and mixing header, installation of recirculation/mixing pumps, blowers and new waste sludge pump, installation of a new alkalinity feed system to improve treatment efficiency and nutrient reduction process performance.
  • Replacement of two digester covers and existing piping associated with the existing digesters.
  • Construction of an U.V. disinfection building and installation of an open channel U.V.


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