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Giving Back

PinkDay2020Our team at Stiffler McGraw believes in giving back and serving the communities in which they live and work. Whether it’s donating to local organizations or participating in a softball tournament fundraiser we believe in helping local businesses, schools and non-profit organizations.

In addition to our staff getting involved in local charity events, we feel very strongly about contributing to the common good. Stiffler McGraw routinely donates to local community projects such as, food drives, playgrounds, parks, recreational facilities, and non-profit organizations. In honor of Steven McGraw, Stiffler McGraw funds a scholarship each year for a student graduating from his high school, who is pursuing a career in engineering.

At Stiffler McGraw, we are privileged to have a hardworking staff that are willing to be involved with charities, as well as providing us with the financial capability to donate to local organizations.

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