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Rain GardenLandscape Architecture is the design of outdoor spaces to better enhance
relationships between the natural and built environments. Stiffler, McGraw understands the importance of creating outdoor spaces for our clients that will improve this relationship, but also demonstrate an artistic and sustainable approach to conventional design.

Whether this is done through designing stormwater management facilities, parking and pedestrian access, or parks and green spaces, Stiffler, McGrawÔÇÖs staff will implement design approaches such as low-impact development, green infrastructure, and ecological landscaping to enrich the project site not only for our clientele, but for all site users and also our natural world.

We Provide:
ÔÇó MS4 Green Infrastructure
ÔÇó Recreational Trails
ÔÇó Master Site Plans
ÔÇó Parks & Playgrounds
ÔÇó Constructed Wetlands
ÔÇó Streetscapes
ÔÇó Conceptual Renderings
ÔÇó Residential Design


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