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Harvest Glen

Location: Blair County, PA

Cost and Funding: Privately-funded by property owner/developer, S&A Homes, State College, PA

Project Description: The developer sought a unique residential housing development having a neighborhood-style environment appealing to empty-nesters with moderate incomes and active lifestyles.

Project Solution: An open-space style development selected: lot sizes were minimized; common space areas were maximized; building lots were clustered; a sidewalk and trail system linked single-family, townhouse, duplex housing areas, and a community center; and street and walkway lighting was provided.

Project Results: Stiffler McGraw prepared drawings to obtain necessary waivers of the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance for the open-space style. Just over 41.2 acres was subdivided into 29.5 acres of 86 single-family lots, 16 townhouse units and 36 duplex structures and 11.7 acres of open space.

Design, permitting, and coordination were provided for roadways; public sewer and water lines; and storm sewer, storm water management, and storm water infiltration facilities. Conduits for buried utility facilities were laid out and installation was coordinated with the respective providers.

An erosion control plan was prepared and the associated permitting was obtained. Construction plans were prepared and as-built documents for the infrastructure for the first phase of the project were completed. Lot and home sales are currently underway.and 2010 outpaced other Blair County developments.


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