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Corporate Campus

Location: Indiana County, PA

Cost and Funding: $1.7m (1997) construction cost, part DCED-funded project by the Indiana County Development Corporation.

Project Description: A 101.9-acre farm, strategically-located adjacent to the northwest quadrant of the US Route 22 / US Route 119 interchange in Burrell Township, Indiana County, was selected as the site of a proposed business/commercial/industrial park.

Project Solution: A traffic study was performed to estimate access needs. Subdivision, land development and erosion control plans were prepared to obtain county, municipal, and conservation district approvals. Construction plans were prepared and bids were solicited for the owner. Construction consultation and resident project representation were provided throughout the construction duration. Conduits for buried utility facilities were laid out and installation was coordinated with the respective providers. Public sewer and water lines were designed.

Project Results: Twenty-one building lots, 1.9 to 10.2 acres in area, were subdivided from the parent tract. Dedicated turning lanes were constructed along US Route 22 to provide ingress to the park and a traffic signal was designed to regulate ingress and egress. A loop road was designed to provide traffic circulation within the park along with access to the individual lots. Upgrades were designed to the existing Township Road which traversed the property. Centralized stormwater management facilities were designed to accommodate future impervious construction on the lots.


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