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2020-02-25 | View a printable version of this story

Hollidaysburg, PA – Stiffler McGraw, a full-service consulting firm offering civil engineering, surveying and architectural design services, is pleased to announce they participated with other engineering firms in the area collecting donations for the American Rescue Workers (ARW) for the eleventh year!

IMG_0027The 11th Annual Engineers Fight to CAN Hunger officially began on January 27th and ran through National Engineer’s Week; February 16th through February 22nd. During this time frame, Stiffler McGraw collected monetary donations from employees and matched the total dollar amount. Stiffler McGraw’s total contribution to the competition was $2,176.00.

The donation was made to the American Rescue Workers on Friday, February 21, 2020.

The total amount donated was $7,104.00 from all participating firms; Stiffler McGraw, Gwin Dobson and Foreman, PennDOT District 9, Keller Engineers and McLanahan Corporation.

Stiffler McGraw has been participating in the food drive for the past 11 years and we enjoy making a difference in our community. The American Rescue Workers informed us that our donation last year was around 60% of their total amount spent keeping the food bank going.  So nice to see the impact that this has on the local community!

About Stiffler McGraw

Stiffler McGraw is a full-service consulting firm offering complete civil engineering, surveying and architectural design services. The firm designs innovative concepts for water, sewer, bridges, roads, buildings, building sites and any other type of infrastructure project. In addition, Stiffler McGraw offers planning, funding and construction management services. With their state of the art equipment and eye for intricate detail, Stiffler McGraw can ensure that each project is completed to the highest of standards.


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